• Secret Little Tools Apple Uses To Repair the iPhone

    There has been a lot of rumors spread about no chances of iPhone repair with the most famous rumour of its battery. The companies have talk about iPhone that its battery is not removable.

    It is true that the design of iPhone is vety complicated which makes it difficult for repairing it.However, there has been videos by geniuses who repaired iPhone with some good steps.

    iPhone companies have trained its staff and other representations for repairing the mobile phone so the customers can use it in future. The process is very efficient and makes the repair very useful for the customer who owns damaged iPhone.

    They offer removal fixture and replace the battery with the new bettry that is only present on some of the stores.

    Apple company has displayed removal feature that gives a very quick access to the mechanic with iPhone internals. There is no risk involved in the process as it carefully maintains the safety of the product. There are many shops of cell phone repair pros which offer the services to the customers.

    Steps of Maintainance


    • The orange county iPhone repair opens the mobile phone with fours section cups for displaying the body in a gentle way. The mechanic plop suction cups of iPhone down for start repairing process.
    • Shops of iPhone repair Orange County remove the battery and cut the adhesive strip with scissor with plops hand moves which do not touch any other part. Before using the black stick to live the battery out, it further pulls the adhesive out that exist under the batter.
    • The techniques of iPhone repair Orange County keeps the adhesive strip tight and then pulls the strip all the way in the battery. They use a black stick for lifting up the case of iPhone once adhesively is gone. They do this process for escaping from the damage of internal components of iPhone.
    • There are experts in cell phone repair pros who work with professional techniques that only they are aware. Therefore, it is not recommended to do the experiment at home as it can create more issue and your iPhone can lose minor components in your attempts.
    • The techniques of orange county iPhone repair also do the same process. They put off all the extra adhesive strip for keeping the battery in the place so it would not damage any part of the device.
    • Opens by placing 7 different components that include care, speaker, and receiver. The other components are battery, ejector tool, display and vibration motor of a device. They unscrew the Akron pieces and insert the new pieces according to the requirement of the device.
    • Cell phone repair pros shops provide the services of SIM Ejector too;e, battery fixture in a quick way which needs only a few extra tweezers.
    • The pressure roller is dropped by the technician and they press the roller lands in a gentle wait so ensure the firmness of the strips.
    • The experts slide the tray in the backward movement which secures the pressure roller and the battery.


    You should consult the right company who would repair your iPhone in a good way.

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