• iPhones, Watch Crash After Receiving Unicode SMS

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    A new bug is affecting iPhones receiving a particular message in special characters, with some in Arabic, Chinese or Latin. But don’t worry you will not have to run to the next Cell Phone Repair to get it fixed. Even though it seems quite scary – since your phone will get blocked – it is easy enough to get fixed. Identified by a Reddit user forum a couple months ago, the problem, which is related to the way iOS handles texts in Unicode, is triggered when Apple phones are trying to view a received SMS notification – when set to banner on the phone.

    Why does it happen at all?

    Apparently, there is a specific set of characters that the notification system iOS 8, including its variations, is unable to process. Upon receiving this message from another iPhone and trying to display an alert, the Apple smartphone cannot read the Unicode format, so it breaks down and restarts. This is simple to solve yet it can be quite annoying, especially if you rely on your phone. The Cell Phone Repair can help you solve it though.

    When does it happen?

    Remember that the failure only happens when the alert style is set to “banner”. In our tests, when we use other reporting formats, the iPhone had no problems.see it from http://cellphonerepairpros.com/

    Apple confirmed the problem, caused by a sequence of characters that affected the messaging application. The company also guaranteed that will adjust the app as soon as possible with a software update. It’s not the first time the iOS suffers from a vulnerability of this type. In November 2013, Apple’s smartphone also had error when opening a link to a page with characters in Unicode. Many clients became very annoyed at the issue, since other simpler phones had no similar issues. Many even take their phones to Cell Phone Repair and end up spending cash in the process.

    How to Fix it then? It is not that complicated!

    The bug is not “fatal” and can be resolved by following simple steps. If you received the code that locks the iPhone, there are three ways to correct the error and make the official application Messages iOS get back to normal.

    1. To re-activate the app, just receive another message notification banner. The same user that sent the code needs to send another text message.

    To correct, ask who sent the message to send another text

    2. Another alternative is to ask for Siri to send a text message.

    3. Or scroll to a photo gallery, select an image and also share it on the messages app.

    Cell Phone Repair

    With these steps, the problem will be solved, unless someone sends a message with such code again.
    Hopefully these tips were able to help you solve the whole issue. In case you are still experiencing problems with your Apple device please do not hesitate into contacting iphone repair Orange County. Are you ready to get your Apple device up and running once again?! Enjoy and let`s wait until the next update to get us rid of this bug.

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