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    iPad 3G

    In this article, I will be discussing the 3G internet plans from AT&T for the new Apple iPad 3G version that came out late last month. There are two internet plans at the moment from AT&T. There is the $14.99 plan that comes with 250 MB of data and there is the unlimited plan that goes for $29.99 plan.

    Which plan is the right plan for you? When it comes to deciding which iPad 3G internet plan through AT&T you should get you need to take a look at how you will be using your internet plan and what you will be doing online. Like for instance, if you are going to be only downloading small files or checking your email then you would probably want to go with the 250 MB plan. If you are going to be using the iPad to download large files or watch lots of YouTube videos or use the internet connection for work purposes then you might want to go with the unlimited plan.visit us now!

    Now let’s talk about each of the iPad’s 3G internet plan through AT&T individually. The first of the 3G internet plans from AT&T is the 250 MB plan. This 250 MB plan roughly translates into thirty-five minutes of Youtube videos in standard definition, eight to ten minutes of watching youTube videos in 720P hi-definition, downloading around 75 mp3s, browsing roughly 3,000 web pages, or downloading 4,000 photos from Facebook or MySpace. Now once you get down to 25% left it will notify you and it will do the same when you get down to 10%. When you have used all of your 250 MB it will prompt you to either reload or to switch to the unlimited plan to keep using your internet service. No overages and no contracts!

    iPad 3G

    Now let’s discuss the unlimited plan from AT&T. The unlimited plan is truly an unlimited plan because it comes without the 5 GB cap. Now if you are planning on using your data plan for things like work or to downloading large files then the unlimited plan is probably the best for you. AT&T is also including free AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot access for people who have the 3G internet plan. So that means that when you are at some place like Starbucks you can connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot for free and it does not go against your data plan.see more from http://www.vcpost.com/articles/95758/20151001/verizon-releases-ios-9-0-1-apple-ipad-2-wi.htm

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