• Guest Author: 7 Tips to Improve iPhone Security

    iPhone Security

    Security is a subject that has always been in place, after all, nobody would like to have their stolen devices or data being accessed without consent. With that in mind, any Cell Phone Repair can give you these important tips for you that is about not only the software but also against theft or physical damage.

    1. Set the Search iPhone / iPad

    There is always someone wanting to take advantage of everything, it is increasingly dangerous to go out on the street without feeling any fear. Apple thinking about it, developed a system called Find My iPhone / iPad, it’s not perfect, but it helps if you act quickly. The Orange County iphone repair can help you set it up.

    2. Use the remote controls of the headset

    This tip is very simple but for sure, you will expose your device as little as possible. If you use a backpack, leave the unit saved in public transportation, it is dangerous to expose a desired and valuable device like the iPad or iPhone.
    The headset that comes with the devices has remote controls, you can listen to music or answer calls (for iPhone) using these controls.

    3. Avoid weak passwords

    Not just Orange County iphone repair says that, but any person. This tip is pretty obvious but yourself can remember how many times you have used passwords to 1234, or 1010, etc. on the devices.
    Remembered? Yes, we’ve all done it, but this way we leave our electronics totally vulnerable.

    4. Set iCloud up

    ICloud is the storage service in the cloud of Apple, I believe is of great importance to his setting because it gives you the peace of mind to keep a backup at hand. If you have doubts ask Orange County iphone repair .

    By keeping the iCloud enabled and the daily backups you can recover all that important information by only using your account on a new Apple device. The good stuff goes, but your job, your sensitive and important data can be recovered without further difficulty!

    5. Protect your private photos and videos with a password

    Although iOS does not allow you to enter a password for your photos and videos, you can get this important functionality using any application devoted to the subject.check it from http://fortune.com/2015/09/24/apples-new-iphone-flaw/

    Keep your private photos safe is very important.

    6. Keep the Apple device up to date

    This is the most basic tip of all; there is no reason for you not to follow the advancement of technology. Apple always releases new functions that further improve your device.

    Many people are afraid of bugs, they exist but know that Apple is always trying to improve the system, when the system unfortunately is packed with a critical bug the company operates very quickly releasing a fix.

    7. Protect your Apple device against Viruses

    One major concern for users is the virus matter, however if you are a regular user you should not worry too much about this. Apple is very careful about the security of iOS devices; the concern is so great that even the system is considered closed.visit this link now!

    iPhone Security

    Any other doubts?

    By following the tips above you will definitely keep your device safe for longer. Any doubts please contact a Orange County iphone repair !

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