• 5 Questions to Ask Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

    Why are you so shy to ask questions to cellphone repair shop? Isn’t your phone important for you? Are you willing to pay more amount compared to the services provided? If it’s so, there is no need to make any search or inquire about the repair shops and the services they are providing. But an average person with a tight budget will think again and again about different factors such as price, quality, warranty etc. So here are some questions that you must ask a cellphone repair shop before giving your phone for repair.

    Question 01: What kind of warranty for repair parts do you offer and what does it cover?

    Those cellphone repair companies that get the repair parts from eBay or Amazon mostly provide the warranty of 6 months. eTech, on the other hand provide the warranty of 3 months. But an average warranty time period is 1 month to 6 months. Those companies that do not provide the warranty aren’t good to make a deal with. Because they are likely to use substandard repair parts. Moreover the warranty doesn’t cover any damage due to some accident.

    Question 02: Do you take responsibility about the privacy of content of my device?

    As we all keep all the important information in our cellphones so it’s important that the cellphone repair shop keep our all the data and information protected. It’s there responsibility to take care of your data. The well recognized cellphone repair shops keep you data protected and information safe. If the repair shop isn’t giving you assurance about the privacy of the content of your device, never stay longer here and waste your time.

    Question 03: Where do you get/purchase the repair parts?

    Your phone is important for you no matter it’s of Apple company or Samsung or LG or Qmobile or any other brand. If the repair parts are not of high quality, there is no need to waste money. Some online reputed companies provide you quality repair parts with high price but the disadvantage is that they never accept the returns. If your repair shop is providing you the warranty, it’s suggested to go for it.

    Question 04: Why are you providing cheaper services/or charging less?

    Some cellphone repair shops charge less when you compare their rates with other repair shops in the town. Ask them the reason for charging fewer amounts, if you find that it’s due to tough competition, allow them to diagnose your phone. But if the case is different, then it’s time to leave the shop.

    Question 05: What will I get (any compensation) if my phone is further damaged?

    Different cellphone repair shops have different policy but the reputed shop will give you a form to fill. In that particular form, there would be all the terms and conditions and policies. There would be clearly mentioned that for what type of damages they are responsible. While the less reputed shops will not compensate for any further damage for which they are responsible.

    In short, if you ask the above mentioned questions to cellphone repair shop, you can save your time, money and phone.

    Here some tips in how to find the right repair place for your cellphone: http://www.bestbuybattery.com/finding-iphone-repair-place-orange-county/

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